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The C Report No. 197 – The Clinton Connected Begin to Fall; Third Durham Indictment Hits: Danchenko Arrested (air date: 11/09/2021)

In a world overwrought with fake news and propaganda by a biased media monopolized by six media corporations, The C Report emerges as an America First news show sifting through the aggregate to bring people around America and the world a different view that is independent, fair and patriotic. Join Mr. C live weekdays for The C Report at 7:30 PM CST.
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The C Report No. 196- Marxist Omarova, Biden Nominee; Marxist Take Over of Central Banks; Illinois Rescinds Abortion Law (air date: 11/08/2021)
The C Report No. 158 – Brazil Shows Up for Bolsonaro; Coup d’etat in Guinea; Authoritarian Australia (air date: 09/08/2021)
The C Report No. 68 – Live Interview LEXIT USA Candidates for San Antonio City Elections (air date: 04/30/2021)

The C Report No. 183 – Abbott Ends Biden Mandate Overreach; DOJ/FBI Targeting Parents Rebuked; Garland’s Interest in CRT; Ex-CIA Larry Johnson: Obama Is Deep State (air date: 10/12/2021)

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40 Clear Defectors

As we like to say at The C Report, “It’s RINO Hunting Season!” Is your state represented on this list? Time to get to work, patriots and friends. The Radio Patriot RINO Reveal 🦏 Thirteen Republican Representatives and 19 Senators voted to pass Pelosi’s pork-riddled socialist infrastructure bill. Combined with the…

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Lonestar News – Episode 14: Allen West Hospitalized; Trump Calls Out Dade Phelan; Texas Secretary of State Problem (Original Airdate: 10/10/2021)

Headlines from The American Aggregate

The C Report: Live Digs (#1): The Secretary of Snakes (Original Air Date: 10/27/2021)
Lonestar News #15: Yes to Prop 6; 10 Governors’ Border Plan; RINO Cornyn (Original Air Date: 10/15/2021)

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