Live Now: A Coup of These United States of America

It seems since the time I was able to understand the gist of politics and how we created a profession that could easily compel us to allow politicians to regulate and control our life, I couldn’t look at a career politician the same. It seems to me the profession of the selfish spirits they serve, as if no other profession were available. I think that’s why the politician, or even better, the countryman, or states man (what a thought!), is a job better suited in moderation. For a limited time only. In fact, how about it’s not a career, it’s a mandatory service, everyone gets a turn to do it if they’re lucky and they meet criteria x, y, and c. Now everyone can see and appreciate exactly what it is a politician/countrymen/statesmen should be doing: serving and bettering this country for the people, their family, and maybe even the earth, and the other inhabitants upon it.

But that’s not what they’ve been doing, the politicians. In this timeline, or at least at this time, the politicians have used this temporary, limited-time-only job as a long winded, lifelong profession which when not exercised in moderation may lead to greed, corruption, and other selfish and narcissistic actions. It’s not the worst thing, but it sure can mess up everything for everyone if the politician in the position to assist the people of your city or town is greedy, or power hungry, or over enthusiastic about receiving the gifts and riches offered them for forfeiting their privilege to serve and protect the people. And if these career politicians have accepted these gifts for decades in exchange for whatever the gift giver desires, there really is no telling what could happen, because now the politician is supporting and passing laws that could hurt you and your family and everybody else. Again, not the worst thing they can do, but over the course of a lifetime? And what if the stakes are slightly higher than usual?

I’ve heard people talk about systems of government and countries being overthrown. From the countries of the Middle East, to the coups of Central and South America, to revolutions of Eastern Europe, I’ve always wondered what that meant. To overthrow a government and replace it with a new one. What does that look like?

Standing against the ideas of being kept as a debt slave, and ultimately a participant in a system that is illusory as disagreeable (and led by blood-hungry, pagan, baby eaters) places me in the patriot’s camp. I love America, and these United States of America because this country stands against the very idea of forcing an individual to be a debt slave in service to blood drinking, pagan, baby eaters that worship Ba’al. The United States Constitution may serve as a model for the world on how to stay free of the blood drinking, pagan, baby eaters, and that’s important because these type of people are the ones currently attempting a coup on these United States of America. They are trying to replace a president that was dually elected by the people of these United States of America for the first time since 1963. And, to be clear, some of our politicians are these people.

The United States faced a coup in 1963 that was signaled by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the installment of his black hat counterpart, Lyndon B. Johnson. In 2016, a man was elected that was not a career politician, or a politician at all. He was a businessman. We elected him in spite of insipid opposition from the Coup Party (the Democrat Party), large corporate business and pharmaceutical, and almost all major news and media entities. The American people responded in such a way that even if the Coup Party (the Democrat Party) tried to steal the election to keep a non blood thirsty, pagan, baby eater out of office they would fail. They tried and they failed.

Now, in 2020, the blood thirsty, pagan, baby eaters that sometimes also sexually violate the baby before it eats it, are trying to steal the election again. The Coup Party has not given up. In fact, the Coup Party has lived up to its name multiple times in the last four years. They are no one hit wonder. This time it’s a live action coup.

The Democrats (the Coup Party) have managed to push declaring the winner of the 2020 Presidential Elections back for days, and in that time began to stuff the ballot box with what may be hundreds of thousands of fake ballots. This is how they did it in South America. Instead of declaring the winning campaign within 24 hours of the election’s end, they gave themselves enough time to print and count more ballots, as many ballots as they need to have enough votes to be the winning party.

The Coup Party also used the names of dead people, and people whom have moved away from voter rolls that have not been updated. They also had hired workers at the local level giving voters Sharpies instead of ball point pens so the voting machines could not read the ballot. These hired workers also let voters vote multiple times. And the shenanigans that took place at the mail-in ballot centers is even worse. And we haven’t even talked about all the missing ballots. But the American voters have beaten the Coup Party again.

So many Americans voted for President Trump that the Coup Party had to overplay their hand. They had to print so many extra ballots it became painfully obvious they were cheating. After all, how do tens of thousands of ballots show up overnight in favor of one candidate and without altering any other single election contest? How does this happen in multiple, critical states at the same time? And how do thousands of ballots go missing in multiple critical states? How do all those missing ballots end up being for President Trump? Do you know what was also painfully obvious? Some areas ended up counting more ballots than there were actual people to vote. By the thousands. That’s kinda silly. And it’s also kinda messy.

It’s also silly that the Coup Party still thinks that millions of Americans did not witness these events. And the many different types of major media entities also seem to think that millions of Americans didn’t see this happen. And they are on the television telling anyone who will believe them that none of this fraud occurred and that the career politician who ran the weakest campaign, has the most scandal, and is among the most corrupt politicians had more Americans vote for him than Barrack Obama, let alone any president in American history? That he beat Hillary Clinton’s popular vote, and had a higher turnout (by thousands) in places where Clinton couldn’t beat Donald Trump even if it were a county of pantsuit wearing lesbians?

Clearly the fix is in. This is how they do it in South America: delay the election results long enough to stuff the ballot box with fake ballots.

But what are we going to do about it? I think playing golf sounds like a good idea. Maybe having faith that there is an unseen hand that is at work here because, let’s face it, the real ballots, the legal ballots that should be counted, had a unique watermark of which the Coup Party may not have been aware. Hell, there may have been other verification tools on the ballots that nobody but those protecting the security of our elections would know about.

Patriot types (and those often relegated to the fringe and conspiracy chat rooms) often say this event or that event in America was a coup (“9/11 was a coup!” “Watergate was a coup!”). Then they reference the bloody coups of Europe and South America, and the Military coups, and coups in the name of Democracy (though patriots don’t usually fall for that one). So, the idea of a coup is common to the point of fatigue among patriots. We’ve become apathetic to idea.

And now the actual coup is live and in progress.

The terror attacks of September 11th and Watergate were events symptomatic of a coup,. Yes, the coup that is in progress now. The same people behind the coup of 1963 are the same group of people carrying out the coup of 2020. Their goal has been to whittle away the sovereignty of America and make her dependent on international powers that use banking and economics as a proxy weapon to cripple and maim the people financially, then emotionally, and finally physically via methods of starvation and famine, if not conflict and violence. They do this if the government and people they’ve installed themselves as leaders do not follow their will and direction. They use other tactics as well.

The people of these United States of America now have a decision to make as the text book case of election fraud and election theft has taken the vote and the voice of the people away. As the will of the people of these United States has been ignored and stopped, the people will have to either concede defeat, or stand up and say something. As all the large media entities, particularly television news, are working with and for the Coup Party, and are partners (henchmen really) to the faux establishment of the USA, we must make our voices heard. We must find the voice inside us, not stand around gazing and confused, but brave to tell your truth and address a major grievance.

The time to water the tree of liberty approaches quickly, but we are not there yet.

President Donald Trump is still the president of these United States of America. Has been five steps ahead of the Coup Party in every attempt they’ve made to remove him from office. To declare victory in the election of 2020, President has to lose in the eyes of many to prove the lies of his enemies. But the truth is President Trump has not lost, and he did not lose. President Trump won the 2020 presidential election in a landslide that turned these United States of America red. Colors aside, the American people rebuked the evil advances of the blood thirsty, pagan, baby eating Coup Party. The voice of the American people was loud and clear.

I for one shall demand my voice and my vote be honored. I shall use the same mail system the Coup Party used to attempt an overthrow of the man I entrusted to the Presidency of these United States of America in 2016. And I will pray we settle this civilly, so that the tree of liberty may be watered with the blood of those who committed treason against the will of the people, those elected to represent them, and the hope that these United States of America represent for a free world in which the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness drives us once again through the doorways of peace and prosperity.

Michael Aaron Casares
The C Report

Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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