Touch Down D.C.

A late start to the Washington D.C. trip took me from temperate and sunny Texas weather to the muggy, chilly gloom in the District of Columbia. The third Million MAGA March is due to take place tomorrow all over the capital, from Freedom Plaza to the Capital building, and as it turns out, patriots are coming out in droves.

I couldn’t really see it on my connecting flight into Dallas, but from Dallas to D.C., it was evident why these passengers were flying. A welcoming and uplifting spirit came from strangers greeting patriots in Old Glory and Trump gear without hesitation. I even saw patriots from my old haunt, Austin, TX, piling on the plane.

It would be irresponsible of me not to stay cognizant of my surroundings and those in my peripheral. I noted an ANTIFA type individual that followed from the start of my trip all the way through its conclusion. Not wanting to stereotype or profile the guy, I noted he looked homeless, unkempt, and accompanied by an effeminate and affluent looking senior. Surely, ANTIFA, BLM and any other leftist type will be working the streets in D.C. as President Trump has called for patriots to come to Washington D.C. for a “wild” MAGA rally. It is good to note, as Joe 1of2 reported, that ANTIFA will be camouflaged in Trump and MAGA gear, and an interesting counterpoint that the Proud Boys will be gathering in all black. I will be keeping an eye out for both and get footage as possible. It has been advised to wear a body cam and to have cameras rolling the duration of the rally. It is scheduled to officially begin at noon, but there will be events starting as early as 7 AM. It will be an early day tomorrow, and a long one at that, but it will be a good day where millions of Americans and patriots will be on the ground covering this historic event.

Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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