Million MAGA Insurgency?

So the Million MAGA March (III) is over. We came, we saw, we got set up by the Legacy Media who, in usual fashion, blew the events out of proportion. Yes, exactly that. I was on the Capital grounds the entire time the events that the news reported were occurring. In fact, I was debunking incoming reports from our Q & A Holes production and correspondents who were live with us at the time. We had reports coming in of violence, vandalism, of riot police coming in and roughing up Trump supporters, of fires being lit around the capital building. But all was not the case. In the aftermath of the experience, which I might say was completely uplifting if not for the marring the legacy media presented, it seems they tried to paint the picture of a total riot. Of absolute chaos, but this, again, was not the case. All the ‘chaos’ that ensued was isolated to inside the Capital building and the back of the Capital. I found it quite funny that adjacent to treasonous elect Biden as he gave his meaningless and castrated commandments regarding the day’s events, that the news showed, to the discerning eye, footage of a camera man shaking his camera to mimic chaotic motion on an otherwise peaceful scene. And that is exactly what I’m saying. The general feeling, the vibe, that I got from the crowd was one of proud patriotism, almost a festive spirit. It was warm. It was welcoming. There were those on the ground that were following the news reports of riots erupting, of bombs going off. But this was not the case. The camera man had to shake and move his camera in a motion to make peaceful protestors, patriotic Americans, who are standing there singing songs, congregating, and declaring their love for their country, in order to paint the picture that there was inimitable chaos in the Capital so they could then spin it on television that the Trump supporters rioted worse than any BLM protest or ANTIFA interference. The legacy media finally learned the word “mob” and “riot” because what they reported on all summer long was not that. What they reported on all summer long in regards to people getting shot, to buildings being vandalized, businesses being looted, cars set ablaze–all that was peaceful protesting by a non existent group that merely existed in theory and does not call themselves Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA.

What I experienced on Wednesday, January 6 2021 were millions of patriotic Americans assembling at the nation’s capital to protest the coup that is currently still under way against these United States of America. It was to show those whom orchestrated the coup that the people of these United States of America see and know what is happening. In the aftermath of that experience forks have developed for some. For the legacy media has continued to report and continues to report that patriots laid siege to the capital and the event of the day was actually an insurrection. By the time 5 PM came around with a 6 PM curfew ordered by the mayor of Washington D.C. it did seem it could have been a siege on the capital because patriots were not leaving. This is the extent the law may have been broken or disregarded by patriotic Americans. The events that took place inside the capital is a different story entirely.

The story of the capital break-in is unfolding as the days have passed since the Million MAGA March. We here at Q and A Holes Podcast and patriots in the know already knew to expect ANTIFA and BLM actors would be infiltrating the rally in MAGA gear. But the timeline of events is also unfolding. On the ground in the midst of the Trump supporters I was hearing stories of patriots breaking in and running amok inside the capital, of them trying to make their way to the senate floor to disrupt the electoral vote count. At the close of Trump’s speech at the Elipse, I recall seeing a massive American flag slowly spread above the heads’ of patriots. Once the flag had unfurled it, along with the dozens of patriots beneath it, marched to the capital. Prior to this, before Trump started his speech, I had also noticed a contingent of Proud Boys in formation starting a march toward the capital. This an hour before the speech. Just prior to the end of President Trump’s speech I had noticed to individuals that fit the description of ANTIFA patriot moles: backwards MAGA caps and camo pants. These two individuals had started to make their way to the capital. There was definitely going on if you were aware of these events. As the event at the capital was originally scheduled at 12 noon, and he had not started his speech at the Elipse until noon, it should be expected people had already gathered in crowds at the capital. How many of these were ANTIFA actors is unknown, but what is known is that they were at the head of the group of patriots and they led the charge into the capital building. They smashed windows in some instances, where in others, security is seen letting them in and telling them where to go. The aftermath of this was with the untimely death of a woman (which to this day is still being questioned as accurate). Outside the capital, on the capital grounds, there is word of this, but nobody can confirm. Outside on the capital grounds, patriots are chanting, gathering, there is a definite air of excitement, but there was no violence. There are reports of armed guards, the National Guard, police forces moving in with riot gear. None of this can be seen in the front of the capital where hundreds are gathered. Any violence that happened was isolated to inside the capital and the back of the capital. I later spoke with a group of protestors that confirmed riot police were at the back of the building as there were patriots and ANTIFA moles present, some trying to scale the walls. At the time of this writing, it has been confirmed one of the “patriots” was in fact a head figure among ANTIFA, and it’s caught on video.

All in, 1.7 million patriots descend on Washington D.C. at the behest of their president, over 200 ANTIFA/BLM agitators infiltrate, the media runs a psy-op and false flag on the rest of the country to trick them into thinking the alt-right has finally attacked after four years of patiently waiting to strike back. But in reality, 1.7 million patriots showed up because they recognized a coup in progress when they see one. The real insurgents, the BLM and ANTIFA members, the aforementioned affinity groups gathering around the Sunshine Movement, those peacefully protesting with the burning of cars and smashing of windows, did not get to see the light of day in the way they wanted to. As the fresh batch of popcorn has finished popping and ready for consumption, I can only guess where this movie will take us next.

Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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