John Sullivan: ANTIFA Guru, BLM Activist, Convenient Extremist

False Flag: Capitol Building Insurgency

In the wake of the Electoral Count Day supposed insurrection on January 6, 2021 in Washington D.C., evidence has surfaced identifying members of the coup as being active members of ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and other left and right wing extremists. One such case is that of John Sullivan, a Left-wing activist, founder of Insurgence USA, and now a figure that is being conveniently disavowed by the BLM Utah chapters and the Left in general.

As per the events of January 6th, 2021, on what would have been a typical electoral vote count day at the capitol, instead became the Million Maga March which has also been lovingly if not somewhat adamantly referred to by the Legacy Media as the “Capitol Breach” or the “Capitol Riot.” When a conference of over a million Americans descend on D.C. at the behest of one man, locals can’t help but take note. And on this day, not only were there supporters of President Donald Trump, but there were also enemies. And infiltrators. And extremists. What the motives were of these individuals may or may not be investigated. The topic of this article, for example, has already been released from custody. This in spite of the fact that he has a company called “Insurgence USA” where he sells riot gear and other items. This in spite of the fact that he has been present at several politicly polarized events and riots. What was his excuse? He was making a movie? He’s an aspiring Olympian? But, truly, the important questions are: who has been funding him? Who funded his company? Who funds his trips? Is there money laundering happening by way of payout for Uber commercials?

The question remains: Was John Sullivan a provocateur or an innocent film maker? True, the man could just be trying to make a really epic commercial for his company, but wouldn’t it stand to reason that if he were doing so he may have had to planned some part of it? Is it possible he knew of the event occurring and grifted into the situation? Considering his history in participation and planning of protests and other like community gatherings, and his lessons in riot technique and self defense, I’d say there’s money to be made in riots for young John Sullivan. John’t brother founded a political organization called Civilized Awakening, a group rumored to be tied to the Proud Boys; the Proud Boys also present on January 6th.

Pictured above is John Sullivan on CNN doing an interview with Anderson Cooper. This is almost too convenient.

How do you suppose they choose who they get on the camera? Did John call them up? Talk about connections. Never mind his partner in crime works with CNN and is doing a film on him.

At this point stop.

The narrative being built here: There were extremist Trump supporters, all MAGA people racist and hateful. This will probably be what the movie is about, and John Sullivan will go to brave film maker instead of Leftist extremist. But don’t forget his brother is pro-Trump and supposedly involved with Giuliani in some way. Why are two brothers of the same household in polar opposite political groups and fairly high up the chain: Giuliani on Twitter versus Cooper on CNN?

This is the shill part, where John Sullivan was most likely used to advance the narrative of violent, racist MAGA Trumps. And he is released from jail, no cash bond necessary, and his website that sells riot gear is still operational. With all the riots and violent rallies and protests of the Left still happening heavily in the western part of these United States of America, will we see John Sullivan or his signature ANTIFA riot gear in the streets?

While John has no formal membership with ANTIFA chapters or BLM chapters, it would seem, his presence after the Capitol “Insurrection,” and his desire to influence any in these measures are apparent, pretentious.

Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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