The Killer Cuomo COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Scandal Heats UP!

So, have you heard about the Killer Cuomo COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Scandal? No? Okay, so basically at the height of the pandemic, in the spring of 2020 and around the time the naval hospital ships the Comfort and the Hope were docked at New York and California respectively, Governor Cuomo issued mandate that required some COVID-19 positive patients be moved into nursing homes regardless of remission status. Certainly a decision like this would cause question, but still they went through with it.

Judgment day began its arrival for Cuomo when New York state Attorney General Letitia James uncovered in a report that the death’s occurred in New York state area nursing homes was underreported. The report found that deaths that occurred in hospitals as a result of contracting COVID-19 from a nursing home after Cuomo’s mandate were also not reported, causing the Cuomo COVID-19 nursing home death toll to spike form 9,000 to 15,000.

Families and legislators want accountability for this, the courts authorizing the communications documents between Cuomo’s administration and nursing homes, as well as among themselves, subpoenaed. Leave it for someone like Cuomo, of course, to muck things up by blaming the experts who said asymptomatic spread wasn’t likely (this in spite of the fact that two weeks prior to his mandate Cuomo admitted on live television that asymptomatic spread was possible), and also blamed the nursing home staff.

The ball dropped for Cuomo when his top aide, Melissa DeRosa spilled the beans to a reporter that they had underreported the deaths because, in the political climate created by Trump, they were afraid Trump would use that against the Cuomo administration. DeRosa, the daught-in-law of Audrey Strauss, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, also said they withheld information because they weren’t sure if it would be used against them in a criminal investigation.

Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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