40 Clear Defectors

As we like to say at The C Report, “It’s RINO Hunting Season!” Is your state represented on this list? Time to get to work, patriots and friends.

The Radio Patriot

RINO Reveal 🦏

Thirteen Republican Representatives and 19 Senators voted to pass Pelosi’s pork-riddled socialist infrastructure bill. Combined with the quislings who voted to impeach Trump, we have 40 clear defectors.

Who’s primarying these 40 traitors?

🦏 13 House Republicans voted to bailout Pelosi and the Socialist Dem Party:

• Rep. Don Bacon (NE)

(202) 225-4155

• Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)

(202) 225-4276

• Rep. Fred Upton (MI)

(202) 225-3761

Steve Carra is primarying Upton

Upton also voted to impeach Trump

• Rep. Don Young (AL)

(202) 225-5765

• Rep. David McKinley (WV)

(202) 225-4172

• Rep Chris Smith (NJ)

(202) 225-3765

• Rep. Jeff Van Drew (NJ)

(202) 225-6572

• Rep. Andrew Gabarino (NY)

(202) 225-7896

• Rep. John Katko (NY)

(202) 225-3701

Also voted to impeach Trump

• Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (NY)

(202) 225-3371

Rep. Tom Reed (NY)

(202) 225-3161

Reed is retiring from Congress


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Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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