The People Are Done with this Globalism That’s Taking Away Our Freedom: Kari Lake

Americans are living in a time unlike any in our nation’s history. We are living in a time when the concept of self-governance has reignited in the mind of many. The cliché of elected representatives being the servants of the people’s will, true as it is, has elevated in the milieu of lawlessness born from the outright theft of the 2020 election. Rather than making empty declarations to so-called elected representatives, Americans are recapturing the right of self-governance. As more Americans awaken to the actual devastation our country is suffering, as evident by the out-of-control inflation, the unabated invasion of our southern border, the exorbitant cost of daily essentials such as food, gas and energy, more Americans are disapproving of the corrupt regime responsible for this state of emergency. In another time, the morale of the people, awake or not, may have lowered to the point of non-existence; but, again, this is a time unlike any other. The people are not only awake and aware, they are active and actively pursuing accountability for the failures of the so-called representatives. And they are doing so en masse.

It should be noted the revival of the true American spirit may not have breached our consciousness had it not been for the the bold tenacity, dignified resolve, and numerous sacrifices of President Donald Trump. The resurrection of the American will to stand up for truth, integrity and the rule of law was prompted by the intricate and invasive fraud every American paying attention witnessed the week of November 3, 2020. These circumstances have led us to this great awakening we are seeing in America today. The brave patriotic Americans standing up against this well-organized machine driven by the enemies of sovereignty and liberty have set the tone moving forward towards 2024. Let it be known, there cannot be a 2024 until 2020 is fixed.

Another phenomenon occurring that signals the singularity we are living in at this time is the recognition of so-called representatives for who they really are, and not because of what they say, but because of what they do or don’t do. Establishment Republicans (RINOs) are in a fragile if not hostile environment where their constituents are holding them to task and threatening their political livelihood. Simply put, we are living in a time where we cannot afford to “turn the other cheek,” disregard, ignore or disengage from the activities of those who claim to represent the will of their constituents. “Politics as usual” are quickly receding into the shadows as the light of the self-governed shines adamantly on the political landscape, and the RINOs know it. This is why I urge my fellow Americans to take note of every move their so-called representatives make, and to use things like election integrity, their stance on the 2020 election, and their thoughts about 2024 as a guidepost to assess if they truly do represent the will of their constituents, or if they are agents of deception. Indeed, we are at a point in our nations history where all our representatives, elected or potential, should sound like the heroes that have emerged from this quagmire. They should sound like President Trump, or Tim Ramthun of Wisconsin, or the future governor of Arizona, Kari Lake.

Kari Lake has become a firebrand for the America First movement and has shaken the foundations of establishment Republicans in her state of Arizona and across the nation. Second only to President Trump have the American people witnessed a candidate so bold, so courageous and so true in her effort to restore confidence in our elections, faith in our nation and the Republic itself. Kari Lake told the American people who she is and what she intends to do as governor of Arizona, and has not faltered once since she declared her candidacy. Kari Lake has emboldened an entire generation to stand up for themselves and re-ignited the pride in America that fuels the faith necessary to endure the trials we face on the road to the restoration of our Republic.

The people want America First policies, they’re done with this Globalism that’s taking away our Freedom.

Kari Lake on “Face the Facts”

In addition to declaring war on the Cartels and declaring an invasion at the southern border on day one of her Governorship, Kari Lake acknowledges the selected officials in office for what they are– RINO Globalists, Socialist Globalists–Democrats, terms the Legacy Media would rather scoff at as ‘conspiracy theories’ in an effort to demonize a legitimate movement. This is the type of language rarely heard from by representatives at Capitol Hill and in the Statehouse. These are phrases practically non-existent in politics prior to the presidency of Donald J. Trump. It is a clear signal that Kari is listening to the people. She is hearing the concerns of her constituents and she is honoring them in a realm where many so-called representatives would ignore or write-off such concerns. The people are awake. The people are cognizant of what is happening at the federal level and at the state level.

Throughout her campaign Kari Lake has actively fought for election integrity, has put her name on the line, and defeated any Deep State or Globalist operative that has attempted to malign or destroy her run. Kari is in sync with the will of her constituents, and incidentally the will of those around the nation engaged in draining the swamp. There have been few like her before, and one can only hope her example will create a path for others to become firebrand for America First policies, bold and courageous, with heart and integrity. We seldom are graced with such individuals of strength and honor; and with perseverance, prayer and hard work we will see the power returned to the people not only of Arizona, but to the people of every state in this union.

Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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