All The Reasons RINO Dade Phelan Should NOT Be Speaker of the House

Dade Phelan Will Ensure The 2023 Texas GOP Top Priorities Will NOT Be Met, and Who Are the 76 RINOs
Who Just Unmasked Themselves?

With the Texas 88th Legislative session beginning in January, Texas politicians will be heading back to the Statehouse to perform the so-called will of the people. For the longest time, I’ve wondered exactly how it is that Texas could have a Republican superpower, with the Legislative and Executive led by Republicans as well the Highest Courts in the state, and yet only some of the most important Texas GOP priorities ever make it to the floor for a vote. Good examples of this were noted in this previous legislative session as the people of Texas intensified their demands of law makers, but time and time again the Republican Texas statehouse failed the people of Texas.

When considering the processes of not just Texas politics, but perhaps the legislative bodies of every statehouse in this nation, I’ve always wondered about the breakdown: where in the life of a bill does it not make it out of committee to be calendared, or to the floor for a vote, and definitely not to the governor’s desk for signature. Having been interested in politics and the ruling elected officials for sometime, it wasn’t until recently I started to really examine and understand the processes. Indeed, the basics are as easily acquirable as watching an episode of School House Rock, but what Mr. Bill is lacking in that little ditty is the inside baseball, the closed door conversations, the curious compromises, the glaring failure to fulfill or follow through with Party priorities and the will of the constituents. And then I remember Texas is a Republican held state and one creature abundant and thriving in the statehouse of Texas is the ever-present and dangerous Republican-In-Name-Only.

During the 2021 Texas Gubernatorial Race, Texans began to get a taste of what inside baseball could really look like in the Lone Star State. Aside from tracking specific bills-of-interest to document where in the legislative process the bill may have died, it was in a conversation between former Texas Representative Jonathan Stickland and former gubernatorial candidate Chad Prather, that the tea began to flow on how our statehouse is run and the truth that resonated from that insight completely changed the way I look at lawmaking in the state of Texas. To be fair, this can go for any statehouse, and do not doubt it goes for all. You see, Republicans expectantly will lash out at their Democrat counterparts when things don’t go their way, and as one would expect vying political factions to do, so will their constituents. As disastrous and harmful as a Democrat can be in 2022, a Republican-In-Name-Only is far deadlier. For you see, the veil of division political parties provide has already blinded Republican constituents to the idea–nay, the fact!–that the people they elected are as responsible, if not more so, as the Democrats for blocking the priorities set forth by the people. Check out this clip from that interview between Chad Prather and Jonathan Stickland. One’s perspective on how their state lawmakers function may heighten after seeing this.

Jonathan Stickland and Chad Prather pulling back the curtain on the Texas statehouse political theater.
From: The Chad Prather Show – Ep 458 | The Truth About Greg Abbott

A lot has changed in Texans since the days of the Tea Party, but not much has changed in Texas politics. Stickland, a former Tea Party member, having bucked the tide of questionable legislation that may have otherwise flown in the face of the people they represent, faced a lot of backlash from the house. And if not for the vocal efforts of Tea Party members over a decade ago, the mask of the RINO may not be so evident in our statehouse today. Aside from the notion that most, if not all new legislation is decided before the bills even get into committee, the designers of the legislative session would require lawmakers obedient to direction, which almost seems like an impossible idea considering the number of lawmakers. They certainly could not all be in on the con, right??? That’s when specific roles become paramount to the operation of rigging a legislative session. Remember, in order to keep the reins of control, sometimes all one needs is the right person in the right position to leverage any dissent. The role of House Speaker is pivotal in this regard.

In the 87th Legislature, only two of the eight Texas Republican Party 2021-22 priorities made it to the governors desk (Constitutional Carry & Religious Freedom to practice during global pandemics) . An additional priority was signed into law in a special session–the election integrity omnibus package that idiotically decreased the penalty for committing election crimes from a felony to a misdemeanor. This Bill is of particular note where RINO Speaker of the House Dade Phelan is concerned.

The Texas House of Representatives website explains the functions of the House Speaker:

The speaker is the presiding officer of the house. He or she maintains order, recognizes members to speak during debate, and rules on procedural matters.

The speaker also appoints the chairs and vice chairs of the committees that study legislation and decides which other representatives will serve on those committees, subject to seniority rules. There are 31 committees, each of which deals with a different subject area, and five committees that deal with procedural or administrative matters for the house. Most members serve on two or three different committees.

There’s a lot of power in that gavel Dade Phelan wields. And while a certain level of bipartisanship is always expected in order to preserve the unity of the people, in respects to the role of the speaker it is important to maintain that open door between political factions in order to foster an environment of fairness and productivity. Or so those not savvy to the state legislative process would come to believe. But with a Republican majority, appointing Democrats to chairmanships and vice chairmanships, where the work of leading out the people’s business commences, really is the issue an issue. Dade Phelan seems comfortable with the practice of assigning Democrats to positions of power as it is part of his strategy for re-election to Speaker. Dade Phelan’s refusal to reprimand member Democrats that abandoned their posts in 2021 in an effort to stop a priority of the people of Texas from getting to the floor for a vote was appalling. Many members of the house and many more Texans were so outraged at this political stunt and waste of taxpayer money they demanded Democrats that abscond from their duty be stripped of their chair and not be allowed to lead out on committees. The fact that Dade Phelan disagreed is only slightly telling. Dade Phelan was elected to Speaker of the House with overwhelming support of the Texas Democrat body of lawmakers.

In An Infiltrated Statehouse, the Role of the Speaker is to Prevent the Parties Priorities (the Will of the People) from Being Fully Realized,

all other legislation that falls inline with the party’s policies while necessary is merely window dressing where the priorities created by their party members is concerned. How well one’s political party does on passing those priorities into legislation is a good litmus test for what kind of job our lawmakers do. So when only three of eight priorities make it to the governor’s desk, one has to wonder why, and how?

The typical, expected and overplayed theater of sparring political factions as the reason for failed policymaking is the subterfuge in place to conceal the real processes. Examining the role of the House Speaker through the failed, if not traitorous tenure of Dade Phelan we can take a look at how some of these real processes play out, and tag Dade Phelan for the RINO he is.

Always remember, when the Democrat Party does not run one of their own against a Republican incumbent it probably means that Republican does right by the Democrat Party. The same could be said about the views of the Democrat Party when the Speaker of the House just so happens to be a Republican. With only three of the GOP 2021 priorities born into law during the regular and special sessions, a frustrated Lt. Governor Patrick remarked, “These bills died in the House, we [the Senate] passed these bills in March and April. They’ve been sitting over there for a month and they wait to the last two or three days. You’re just asking for trouble.”

While there are numerous ways to delay or kill a bill in the House, whatever tactics were employed Democrats like Rep. James Talarico of Williamson County appreciated the leadership of Dade Phelan, saying:

“I think if Speaker Dade Phelan were the only leader in state government making decisions, we’d see a very different outcome this session. I hope the Speaker, once he gets more experience, is able to stand up more effectively to the extreme voices in his party, particularly the Lt. Governor and the Governor.”

With sentiments like that, one deduces the relationship between RINO Speaker Phelan and the Democrats of the House is healthy. In fact, one may now wonder if Dade Phelan even wanted to sign the Civil Arrest warrant for the 52 runaway Democrats or if it was merely procedural. An open records request revealed a meeting between Democrat Rep. Joe Moody and an unknown group he and Phelan “sat down with on Sine Die.” Regarding the rogue Texas Democrats return, Phelan said, “And sometimes we may not agree with one another but eventually, we will get on the house floor and have robust debate that is very respectful and impactful, and we will move on down the road and that is what is going to happen in the coming weeks.”

Why Would Texas Conservatives Re-Elect a Freshman Speaker Proven to Work Against the Will of Their Constituents?

A fact of Dade Phelan’s political career marinated in my mind I thought worth sharing, and think it should be considered as a note of import when weighing out the balance of the work he did. He was only a Freshman speaker, having been elected in 2021– he is seeking re-election to his 2nd term. A recent survey taken this month shows overwhelming support (78-6) by the current Texas house for speaker Dade Phelan against Texas State Representative Tony Tinderholt who is being demonized as an election denier because he believes in election integrity.

I know the people of Texas are upset with the state because they did not pass all the priorities we laid out for them. I know the people of Texas have expressed those grievances to their representatives. I know their representatives have probably expressed to them that they have done everything in their power but their hands are tied because it is THE SPEAKER, or THE COMMITTEE CHAIR or they don’t know what happened after they sent it to be calendared. Of the positions listed only two are absolutely necessary to control the function of what becomes law: the House Speaker and the Chair of the Committee on Calendars or the Committee on Local and Consent Calendars. The Speaker can determine where the bill will live, and ultimately whether or not to smite it, while the Chair of the Calendars Committee will have ultimate say on when that bill hits the floor, providing yet another buffer against the will of the people. These two positions are unelected by the people, and people in general are not expected to look this deeply into how their state government functions.

Dade Phelan Does Not Believe in Election Integrity

Phelan says that there was no evidence of fraud. As recent as September 2022, RINO Phelan has denied election fraud exists and was a consequence of the disastrous regime in Washington D.C. When asked by CEO of the Texas Tribune, Evan Smith, whether he believed the 2020 election was “stolen,” RINO Phelan responded, “I do not. There is no evidence that election was stolen.”

I think of all the things Dade Phelan has done to prove he is not for the people, let alone for Texas and these United States, is his willingness to gaslight the people into believing there was nothing questionable about the 2020 elections. In the state of Texas, a state that authorized the use of voting machines that were not certified by accredited voting system testing laboratories by the previous Secretary of State Ruth Hughes (who has ridden off into the sunset with no accountability, but this is another matter entirely because the Hughes scenario is a symptom of the broken Texas Secretary of State office), and the 2022 midterm debacle that is still playing out in Harris County is alarming. The yarn being spun out of the botched 2022 Harris County, Texas election is, “Yes, the elections were seriously mishandled, and, yes, someone will be held accountable, but there was no election fraud.” This is the stance Dade Phelan seems to take even though an investigation into what happened in Harris County has yet to determine whether the activist and highly partisan County Judge Lina Hidalgo and her crew of merry Commissioners had anything to do with it.

Interesting enough, it is because of Dade Phelan that should the improprieties carried out by the inept Harris Co. Election Administrator Clifford Tatum are discovered to have been criminal, Tatum may receive a slap on the hand because when the Texas lawmakers managed to pass the Election Integrity bill most Texans demanded in the third Special Session, the body of lawmakers managed to basically decriminalize election-related crimes by lowering the penalty from a felony to a misdemeanor. Phelan opposed fixing the problem. He and many Texas lawmakers have yet to answer the question of why Texans who are demanding election integrity would agree to strengthening the security of our elections while simultaneously lessening the penalty.

In regard to the Texas sham forensic audit and the way in which Speaker Phelan was slow walking all bills concerning, President Trump stated:

“Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan is another Mitch McConnell. He is not fighting for the people of Texas. Speaker Phelan should immediately move the Forensic Audit bill, SB 47 by Senator Bettencourt that passed out of the State Senate this week, to the floor. The Speaker knows the bill will overwhelmingly pass the House with Republican support,”

President Donald J. Trump
Dade Phelan Agrees the Abusive Act of Child Gender Modification

Banning gender modification of children is the third priority for Texans in 2023. In his term as House Speaker, Dade Phelan has shown opposition to legislation that would ban chemical castration, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, genital mutilation, bodily alteration surgery, psychological/social transitioning, and any other methods applied to or performed on children. While a bill dying the House may not necessarily constitute opposition, but in an article published by the National File, an interesting coordination of how the House Bill and the Senate Bill versions would die before making it to the floor for a vote played out behind-the scenes. From the National File:

According to Tracy Shannon, the Director of the Texas Mass Resistance activist group, Phelan’s decision to declare a recess yesterday effectively kills S.B. 1311’s chances of passing. S.B. 1311 would have stripped liability insurance for doctors who engage in transgender surgeries or chemical castrations for kids.

National File spoke with former U.S. House candidate Chris Ekstrom, who has repeatedly pushed Texas Republicans to pass legislation protecting children from transgender surgeries and chemical castration. Ekstrom suggested that Patrick allowed S.B. 1311 to pass in the Senate under the presumption it would be killed by Phelan in the House. “I wish I could say I’m surprised that Dan Patrick is taking money from the chemical castration lobby. But during the last session, to my horror, I realized that Dan Patrick was totally unaware of the Monuments Protection Act until we forced him at a meeting of the True Texas Project to acknowledge that Republicans expected him to do something about it,” said Ekstrom. “After the meeting, he promptly pushed it through the Senate, where it then died in the House, just like S.B. 1311. Is this déjà vu? $120,000 isn’t chump change, and apparently Dan knew which way the wind was blowing in the House.”

Similarly, former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi recently told National File that the plot to kill H.B. 1399 was a “team effort” by the Phelan leadership team. HB 1399 would have stripped doctors of their ability to acquire liability insurance if they engaged in child transgender surgeries or chemical castrations at their practices, and was killed last week. “The bill was slow-walked the entire way by Reps. Klick and Burrows, presumably under orders from the Speaker [Dade Phelan],” Rinaldi told National File.

From: “TEXAS: Abbott, Patrick, House Speaker Received $250K+ From Clinic That Chemically Castrates ‘Transgender’ Kids” by The National File, May 21, 2021.

Learning Dade Phelan received $50,000 in the 2020 cycle by Friends of UT Southwestern Center, also known as FOMCPAC, and $100,000 in the 2022 cycle from the same organization makes it clear why Dade Phelan opposes legislation prohibiting the mutilation and abuse of our children, and that he does not support the will of the people of Texas.

Dade Phelan Opposes Most Priorities of the Texas GOP Grassroots

In September, Dade Phelan told CEO of the Texas Tribune that he would consider revisiting Texas abortion laws in 2023. Considering the GOP set their priorities over the summer, it’s hard to say Phelan doesn’t know any better. He’s used his position as Speaker of the House to block legislation that would abolish abortion in the passed legislative session. For 2023, Phelan is poised to use his “caucus” as an excuse to “reexamine” Texas’ abortion law. And while Phelan says he himself may not agree with any changes to the abortion law that Democrats have in mind, this is not the last grassroots priority the current Speaker stands opposed to. The protection of our children from abuses such as bodily mutilation, sexualization and indoctrination in Texas schools is not on Phelan’s list of priorities. While Phelan may not have sponsored or endorsed any type of legislation that favors these practices, he has repeatedly catered to the LGBTQ lobby that promotes these issues. Regarding Phelan’s first run for House Speaker, Texas Values Action, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization advocating for faith, family and freedom in the political arena wrote:

Representative Dade Phelan used his position on House State Affairs to create a loophole in the House committee substitute for SB 2485 that would have allowed local governments to create or keep sexual orientation, gender identity ordinances, also known as “Ban the Bible” ordinances. This bill language would have allowed dangerous ordinances to punish Christian business owners for their beliefs on marriage and human sexuality.

Representative Phelan was one of only three House Republicans who received a positive rating from the state’s leading LGBT organization, Equality Texas. Phelan also received special praise on the Equality Texas scorecard for his “leadership” on this bill. Equality Texas is a strong supporter of Ban The Bible bills and actively opposes nearly every religious freedom bill that is filed or considered for a vote in the Texas Legislature.

From: Texas Values Action Opposes Rep. Dade Phelan’s Speaker Candidacy by Texas Values Action, November 3, 2020.

In fact, Equality Texas did a favorable write-up of Phelan in their 2019 Legislative Scorecard:

Some significant progress also took place in the House State Affairs Committee: Although Chair Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont) moved
SB 1978 out of his committee and voted for it on the House floor, he showed bipartisan leadership in amending a set of bills (SB
2485, 2486, and 2487) to ensure they could not be used to preempt municipal nondiscrimination ordinances.

From: Texas Equality 2019 Legislative Scorecard

A look at how Dade Phelan performed as Speaker on this matter last session shows that while Democrats temporarily lost faith in him for moving legislation like SB29 onto the calendar, a bill “relating to requiring public school students to compete in interscholastic athletic competitions based on sex” that was forged with the intention of protecting Texas children was killed due to procedural maneuvers of running out the clock while publications like The Texas Tribune run cover for him publishing articles that prolong the pantomime between Texas RINOs and Democrats. Needless to say, this issue will not be considered again until the next legislative session, while the issue of banning the abusive act of child “gender-modification” did not even make it out of committee undoubtedly because of $100,000 payday from Border Health PAC and $50,000 payday from FOMCPAC, two organizations that advocate for the use of chemical castration and other gender-destroying pharmaceuticals and procedures on children.

Dade Phelan’s acceptance of campaign donations from entities such as The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action Committee and individually from anti-school choice Texas billionaire Charles Butt. Regarding Charles Butt’s activities opposing school choice, Breitbart writes:

His [Charles Butt] vested interest in Texas public education includes H-E-B handing out $800,000 a year to public education pursuits through the Excellence in Education Awards. In 2006, he founded Raise Your Hand Texas, which lists Butt as an advisor. The Texas Tribune describes Raise Your Hand Texas as a “seasoned lobbying force on education issues at the Capitol.”

However, Raise Your Hand Texas is a corporate sponsor of the Texas Tribune and Butt contributed $500,000 to the Tribune in 2014, with his all-time contribution to them at $1,150,000. Last year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, primary funder of the Common Core State Standards, donated $249,763 to the Tribune.

Texas Watchdog charged Raise Your Hand Texas “pushes for increased public school funding while opposing every substantive education reform at the state legislature,” including supporting and funding candidates who oppose reform efforts to the state’s education system, and measures that expand parental rights.” They dubbed Butt a key player blocking school choice instead “propping up a faltering public monopoly.”

From: “Texas Grocery Magnate Forbids ‘Open Carry,’ Opposes School Choice, Supports Sanctuary Cities” by Breitbart, January 3, 2016.

Butt also funded the Texas Parent PAC, the largest recipient of his 2014 contributions at $1,498,000. Originally founded in 2005, the PAC re-emerged in 2017 to oppose Lt. Governor Dan Patrick on school-choice as noted in The Texas Scorecard:

The deceptively-named Parent PAC was launched in 2005 with the goal of defeating school choice reforms. Over the years, the PAC has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Democrats and liberal Republicans who oppose expanded parental choice in education. In 2014, Parent PAC notably endorsed and supported Democrat Wendy Davis in her campaign for governor against Greg Abbott.

From: “Educrat PAC Relaunches as Anti-Patrick Crusade” by The Texas Scorecard, June 26, 2017.

The PAC made another comeback in 2022 to oppose Governor Abbott on school-choice (see: “Parent PAC urges Texans to vote against Abbott“).

School choice, also referred to as vouchers, would allow state tax dollars typically allotted for public school funding to follow the child wherever they are educated as opposed to being landlocked to withering, neglectful or predatory (those seeking to indoctrinate our children with CRT and gender/sex topics) school districts. As a priority for Texans in the 2023-24 legislative session, it is disheartening to note Dade Phelan has already gone on record saying he would not support the measure. During the 2022 Texas Republican Primary, Texans overwhelming voted in support of Proposition 9 which stated, “Texas parents and guardians should have the right to select schools, whether public or private, for their children, and the funding should follow the student.” Nine out of 10 primary voters supported proposition 9 with almost every county reflecting the vote. According to The Texas Scorecard, “

Three quarters of the counties that voted in favor by 95 percent or higher have populations under 20,000. Of the 67 most supportive counties, 58 have populations under 100,000.

Rural Texans overwhelmingly want education freedom and school choice! In fact, there was no statistical difference in rural and urban votes for this proposition.

From: “Rural Texans Want School Choice” by The Texas Scorecard, December 2, 2022.

With data like this coming in from across the state, one has to wonder how Texas Republicans can continue to vote against the will of their constituents at such a massive rate.

It is clear that Dade Phelan’s priorities do not align with those of Texans. More troubling is the recent house vote to endorse Phelan for a second term as a speaker. Why would Texas Republicans willingly endorse a man who will not do the work the people. Dade Phelan will continue to appoint Democrat chairs that will ultimately kill legislation important to Texans, he will continue to speak duplicitously about supporting GOP priorities and use his position to advance the will of Democrats and other special interests. Perhaps the Texas Republicans do not realize that Texans are becoming savvy to the way politics are run in Austin. Perhaps Texans should consider the 76 state Republicans that voted to endorse Phelan are showing us who they are. This wrap sheet of transgressions against his own base includes information that is open-sourced and public, and as shocking as it is, makes me wonder what other activities and promises Dade Phelan is engaged in behind closed doors. I encourage Texas house members to reconsider their vote for Dade Phelan as Texas Speaker and encourage Texans every to get in touch with their rep and let them know exactly what you think.

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Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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