Trump Traitors

There is no other president, let alone politician that has the track record for delivering his word. Whether promised on the campaign trail or throughout his administration President Trump delivered almost 100% of his promises. While critics and detractors may claim the number to be smaller, this writer will take anything above 70% because to my memory no other president has delivered (maintain: my memory is not what it used to be) like President Trump has. But pushing aside these lowered expectations, one should note our expectations of our government today are much higher if not only for the Biden junta’s contrasting demolition of our nation previously in the restoration process, also because of information availability and the people’s desire to act on that information.

With that said, I support President Trump on his record of promises kept, making America safer, and making America great again. While there’s certainly no telling what next could come (a Trump vs. DeSantis ballot seems to be the favorite of the Establishment), I took note of those who spoke out against President Trump, some expressing doubt and others completely separating. You’ll take note of the two yo-yos pictured at the top of this article. I had a lot of faith in freshly (s)elected Lt. Governor of the commonwealth of Virginia, Winsome Sears. I’m sure she may express very conservative values as a Republican Lt. Governor, and even as her election is historic for the commonwealth, I think she needs to go. A question that has risen in the minds of many regards the trust that should be given to elected individuals in government and this question is pertinent when considering campaign donations/financing and discovering who some of these people truly are. Where do their loyalties truly lie? No faithful American wants to doubt the honor and integrity of these supposed public servants. While the concept of the RINO (Republican In Name Only) has existed since we accepted political parties as part of how we govern, these (s)elected individuals have used their office against the will of the people, their oath of office, the restoration of the republic and continuation of these United States of America.

While there have been various means employed to reveal traitors and future betrayers, a whole bunch of them plummeted in one wap when President Trump proclaimed a special announcement for America, later revealing his Trump NFT Trading Cards. My initial thought: It’s gonna be a white Christmas for some lucky buyers. That wasn’t so much the consensus of those considered “far-right” by the national and commercial press, many of those definitely considered in the Trump arena throughout his first presidency up until this fatal moment when President Trump disappointed the nation by peddling NFT trading cards as the answer to saving America. If they have the eyes to see it, conservative voters may not be surprised if some if not all of these withdraw any type of support for President Trump in 2024. I don’t think I need to say anymore—everyone else seemed rather telling:

To the erudite and prejudiced reader, I will give that these were definitely not bad breaks from President Trump, but they did perform another function. They set a tone. They created a vibe. The smear talking up to 2024 is only beginning and none worse than from those who claim to want to save America or restore the republic. The path has been set, and as a matter of timing, the Trump Traitor cards are one of a few opening salvos in a demoralization and dissuasion campaign intended to break the current lead of the Trump 2024 campaign and influence voters to vote for other Republican candidates. I sincerely hope America realizes every time they decide to vote for a candidate they need to know who gives them money. As far as influencing the vote, these Twitter drops all came from influencers and media figures, and those whom this writer believes may be set up to steer their audience’s support away from President Trump. We’ve already seen the base divide over Trump and DeSantis—it is certainly believable some of these people work as a function of the Establishment. According to the press, including conservative and Republican type fare, DeSantis seems poised to announce his presidential bid. Perhaps the George Soros endorsement will scare Ron back into his Florida burrow.

Getting back to the influencers and media types captured in the Trump Traitor cards, not that these people are big R establishment hacks (though you can bet some probably support DeSantis!). Everyone knows that Ben Shapiro doesn’t like President Trump and the company he works for, the DailyWire, (which America learned from the Steven Crowder exposé enables the decimation of the first amendment at the hands of Big Tech and Big Media as part of their business model). I get it, livelihood is essential. I mean, I could talk about that, but is this a question of integrity or ulterior motives? I guess in the case of the DailyWire, I won’t judge their intention, but point being–it is known, I never even knew DailyWire was conservative until the Steven Crowder announcement. We won’t even get into Candace Owens.

Other items of note was the influence push that the conservative-trusted and Trump-Truthed Washington Examiner had insisting President Trump was at fault for the result of the 2022 election. This was the same sentiment of Virginia Lt. Governor Sears. I’m sure because of the landslide Republican victory she experienced during her election she’s not concerned with stolen elections, election fraud or the fact that President Trump remains. What is she thinking? What are any of these people thinking? In my opinion they are future generation RINOs. You know, the ones that unmask themselves later. They’re the conservative types we trust now like the America First Policy Institute, an organization I was quite taken by, but like the RNC and almost every current Republican (s)elected lawmaker, AFPI has done nil to correct the stolen elections of 2020, 2021 and 2022 though they are quick to receive President Trump at their dinners and functions. Again looking at the money is very important when considering these future traitors. Some of them are members of or receive funding from Establishment Washington D.C. Republican organizations like The Council for National Policy. I could imagine all of these unmasked RINOs will side with Governor DeSantis and George Soros in 2024. Unless George Soros is suddenly a supporter of the rule of law and the United States Constitution, I don’t see how this would stack favors in DeSantis’ corner. Again I revert you to paragraph one: of all the Presidents and politicians I’m aware of, Donald Trump’s record for reforming the Republican party, restoring the Republic, and saving America beats them all.


Published by Michael Aaron Casares

Poet, author, and podcast host. Michael Aaron is the host of the America First news and current events show The C Report . His published books include: The Vanishing Poet (2020), The Distance to the End (2016), A Trick of the Eyes (2017), and This Reality of Man (2011). The Root of Many Returns is his official website. Virgogray Press is a perennial publishing house.

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