The C Report #279: Georgia DEMOCRATS Implicated in BALLOT TRAFFICKING

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The C Report #278: Joe Biden PROFITED from Hunter; Fred Upton OUT!; Clinton Campaign & DNC PAYS FEC; Trump Seeks to Remove Middlebrooks; Durham Motions Additional Evidence in Sussman Case

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The C Report #277: Ghislaine Maxwell Update; Truth Social Loses Two Tech Execs; RINO Boozman & RINO Johnson; Wisconsin Moves to Decertify & Remove Vos; Federal Legalization of Weed

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The C Report #276: Neo Nazi’s In Ukraine – DON’T LET MSM GET AWAY WITH LIES!

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The C Report #275: Madison Cawthorn & GOP Coke Orgies; Mark Brnovich, RINO!; Special Master Shadegg & Lame Maricopa County Splunklog Report; Another Election Audit Report; No More Masks on Planes!

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The C Report #274: Zelensky Thirst; Putin Says NO to NWO; Michelle Bachman on Ukraine; Oliver Stone on Putin

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The C Report #273: Declassified: PATCON; Constitutional Carry On the Rise; Empathy for Kentanji Brown Jackson

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The C Report #272: President Trump Sues Hillary Clinton, et al; True the Vote Reveals Ballot Trafficking in Wisconsin; The Sarah Lawrence College Sex Trafficking Trial;

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The C Report #271: Albright Dead; Maricopa County Knew About Fraud; Nebraska Election Fraud Hearing; Who is Maria Zack?; ItalyGate Surfaces;

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The C Report #270: Tina Peters’ Final Colorado 2020 Election Report; Kentanji Brown Jackson, Lenient on Child Pornography Offenders, Supported by Radicals; Trump on Varney and Company

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