The C Report #275: Madison Cawthorn & GOP Coke Orgies; Mark Brnovich, RINO!; Special Master Shadegg & Lame Maricopa County Splunklog Report; Another Election Audit Report; No More Masks on Planes!

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The C Report #269: RINO Robin Vos Declines Wisconsin Decertification; Maricopa County Defies AG Brnovich; Finchem’s Resolution to Decertify; Halderman Dominion Report; Toresays Dominion Affidavit

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The C Report #262: Putin vs RINOS; Obrador Won’t Sanction Russia; Military Gender Training; Madigan Indicted; Devon Archer Goes to Jail; Katie Hobbs Can’t Beat Brnovich

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The C Report #250: Tina Peters Runs for Secretary of State; Sussman Wants Case Dismissed; Marc Elias Works for BLM; Katie Hobbs, the Karen SOS of AZ; Jena Griswold, the SOS Terror of Colorado

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