The C Report #279: Georgia DEMOCRATS Implicated in BALLOT TRAFFICKING

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The C Report #272: President Trump Sues Hillary Clinton, et al; True the Vote Reveals Ballot Trafficking in Wisconsin; The Sarah Lawrence College Sex Trafficking Trial;

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The C Report #271: Albright Dead; Maricopa County Knew About Fraud; Nebraska Election Fraud Hearing; Who is Maria Zack?; ItalyGate Surfaces;

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The C Report #270: Tina Peters’ Final Colorado 2020 Election Report; Kentanji Brown Jackson, Lenient on Child Pornography Offenders, Supported by Radicals; Trump on Varney and Company

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The C Report #269: RINO Robin Vos Declines Wisconsin Decertification; Maricopa County Defies AG Brnovich; Finchem’s Resolution to Decertify; Halderman Dominion Report; Toresays Dominion Affidavit

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The C Report #265: Tina Peters Releases Forensic Election Report & JAILED!; Trump Puts Spotlight on RINO Robin Vos; VOTERGA Reveals Election Fraud PROOF! AZ GOP Sues Katie Hobbs; Dr. Shiva New Report

REFERENCE ARTICLES RINO Robin Vos & Wisconsin Tina Peters Voter GA Present Investigation of 2020 Georgia Election – Reveal Massive Fraud and Tampering with Ballots and Voting Machines in Fulton County – 17,724 Votes with No Ballot Images Click to access Press-Release-VoterGA-2020-Fulton-Election-Results-Manipulated-03-07-22.pdfContinue reading “The C Report #265: Tina Peters Releases Forensic Election Report & JAILED!; Trump Puts Spotlight on RINO Robin Vos; VOTERGA Reveals Election Fraud PROOF! AZ GOP Sues Katie Hobbs; Dr. Shiva New Report”

The C Report #260: Interfax Biden Ukraine Press Conference Fake News, But Not; Robin Vos Will Betray Gableman; Deep Dive into Kentanji Brown Jackson

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The Gableman Report: 8 Election ‘Unlawful Conduct and Irregularities’ Found

By Jessica McBride, Jim Piwowarczyk Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, legislative Republicans’ special investigator into the 2020 elections, released a draft report that highlighted a series of “unlawful conduct and irregularities” in the 2020 presidential election. A series of entities – from a non-partisan audit bureau to an elected sheriff – previously identifiedContinue reading “The Gableman Report: 8 Election ‘Unlawful Conduct and Irregularities’ Found”

The C Report #258: The Wisconsin Campaign & Elections Hearing – The Gableman Report

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The C Report #244: Trust but Verify: Vernon Jones; Brad Raffensperger Ballot Harvesting & Lies

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