The C Report #279: Georgia DEMOCRATS Implicated in BALLOT TRAFFICKING

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The C Report #269: RINO Robin Vos Declines Wisconsin Decertification; Maricopa County Defies AG Brnovich; Finchem’s Resolution to Decertify; Halderman Dominion Report; Toresays Dominion Affidavit

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The Gableman Report: 8 Election ‘Unlawful Conduct and Irregularities’ Found

By Jessica McBride, Jim Piwowarczyk Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, legislative Republicans’ special investigator into the 2020 elections, released a draft report that highlighted a series of “unlawful conduct and irregularities” in the 2020 presidential election. A series of entities – from a non-partisan audit bureau to an elected sheriff – previously identifiedContinue reading “The Gableman Report: 8 Election ‘Unlawful Conduct and Irregularities’ Found”

The C Report #258: The Wisconsin Campaign & Elections Hearing – The Gableman Report

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The C Report #242: Uncovering E.R.I.C. The National Voter Registration Trojan Horse

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Regarding the Texas Full Forensic Audit of Tarrant, Harris, Collin, & Dallas Counties

To Joaquin Castro I am writing today concerned about the integrity of our elections. I was recently informed that our state may begin a full forensic audit of four counties’ 2020 election results. Please know, and take note, that I support these efforts. If Governor Abbott, or any of our body of lawmakers, attempt toContinue reading “Regarding the Texas Full Forensic Audit of Tarrant, Harris, Collin, & Dallas Counties”