The C Report #277: Ghislaine Maxwell Update; Truth Social Loses Two Tech Execs; RINO Boozman & RINO Johnson; Wisconsin Moves to Decertify & Remove Vos; Federal Legalization of Weed

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The C Report #261: Ghislaine Maxwell Update; Giuffre Settles w/ Prince Andrew; Jean Luc Brunel Dead; Mel Gates on Bill/Epstein

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The C Report #247: What is QUX? Did QNX COVID-19 Ventilators Kill Patients?; NATO/Deep State Continue War Cry; Ghislaine Maxwell Wants Verdict Vacated; Maxwell Prince Andrews Girlfriend?

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Les Wexner: Retail Mogul, Monster Maker

Having been aware of the apparel retail mogul from stories that revolved around Jeffrey Epstein, the trafficking pederast whom supposedly killed himself in a jail cell in Manhattan, I was urged to explore his history and possible connections to sexual harassment, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and child rape. I found several articles linking WexnerContinue reading “Les Wexner: Retail Mogul, Monster Maker”