All The Reasons RINO Dade Phelan Should NOT Be Speaker of the House

Dade Phelan Will Ensure The 2023 Texas GOP Top Priorities Will NOT Be Met, and Who Are the 76 RINOs Who Just Unmasked Themselves? With the Texas 88th Legislative session beginning in January, Texas politicians will be heading back to the Statehouse to perform the so-called will of the people. For the longest time, I’veContinue reading “All The Reasons RINO Dade Phelan Should NOT Be Speaker of the House”

Schifty Schiff Lies About President Trump, Again!

The clown demon was really showing on Joy Reid the night Adam Schiff appeared on her show The Reid Out. Joy Reid hosts Schiff to ask him some softball question and assist him in formulating his convoluted pathos about the reality of America 2020 and 2021. The framing point noted he’s ‘advising’ the January 6thContinue reading “Schifty Schiff Lies About President Trump, Again!”

Can President Trump Be Impeached Again?

In the midst of a heavily contested election, one in which an insurmountable tower of evidence has been discovered and disseminated to the American public and presented in civil lawsuits filed in at least four states on behalf of the President Trump’s legal team, is it possible for House and Senate Democrats (and Republicans) pushContinue reading “Can President Trump Be Impeached Again?”

Twitter & Facebook Senate Hearing: The Coup Party Pushes Lies

Senate Judicial Hearing – “Breaking the News: Censorship, Suppression in 2020 Election” held on November 17, 2020. Witnesses: Jack Dorsey/CEO TwitterMark Zuckerberg/CEO Facebook In regard to the obvious role social network giants, Twitter and Facebook, have played in dispensing information, flagging election posts, flagging accounts of individuals with specific political viewpoints, censoring posts of specificContinue reading “Twitter & Facebook Senate Hearing: The Coup Party Pushes Lies”

The Coup Party Strikes Back: Remembering Adam Schiff’s Fake Ukraine Phone Call Transcript

In light of the diligent work The Coup Party has put into stealing the 2020 Presidential Election and defrauding the American people, I dug up an article I wrote about their attempt to impeach President Trump over a phone call he had with President Zelensky of Ukraine in which they claim President Trump bribed PresidentContinue reading “The Coup Party Strikes Back: Remembering Adam Schiff’s Fake Ukraine Phone Call Transcript”

The Sun Rises on Maria J. Stephan

Maria J. Stephan, pictured here in a Zoom chat meeting with a group called “Feds for Democracy,” is a radical Leftist who is educated in and teaches ‘the effectiveness of violent and nonviolent types of civil resistance,’ and is currently on a sabbatical from the Department of Defense where she has worked in government forContinue reading “The Sun Rises on Maria J. Stephan”

Sunrise Movement: The Affininty Groups

For months the Sunrise Movement and those involved with this group have been plotting a coup against the Trump administration under the false pretense that the administration will refuse to concede the elections to Joe Biden whose campaign committed fraud against the American people by cheating in the elections. While the 2020 Presidential elections haveContinue reading “Sunrise Movement: The Affininty Groups”

Live Now: A Coup of These United States of America

It seems since the time I was able to understand the gist of politics and how we created a profession that could easily compel us to allow politicians to regulate and control our life, I couldn’t look at a career politician the same. It seems to me the profession of the selfish spirits they serve,Continue reading “Live Now: A Coup of These United States of America”