The C Report #276: Neo Nazi’s In Ukraine – DON’T LET MSM GET AWAY WITH LIES!

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The C Report #266: US/Ukraine Violate Bioweapons Convention; Obama Makes Deal for Ukraine Biolabs as Senator; FOG OF WAR: False Flags, Lies & Propaganda; Russia Destroys Nazi Bases; Trump & NELK Boys

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U.S. (Pentagon) BioLabs in Ukraine, What Will Russia Find?

By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva and VT editors Russia‚Äôs military operation in Ukraine seems to be going very successfully. Of course, the initial reports should be taken with a grain of salt. But the question arises, what will the Russians find in Ukraine? Reports from the first day of the Russian military operation in Ukraine show thatContinue reading “U.S. (Pentagon) BioLabs in Ukraine, What Will Russia Find?”

The C Report #263: Clinton Crime Family Returns; Durham: Don’t Dismiss Sussman Charges; Stop Buying Russian Oil, only if EU Does; Will Buy Venezuelan Oil; More MSM Russian Propaganda

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The C Report #257: Soros to Rescue Ukraine?; SWIFT Sanctions Impotent; Nuclear Fallout in Ukraine?; More Nazis in Ukraine

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What Did Putin Mean by ‘Denazification’ of Ukraine and Why is It so Important?

For years, Russia has been calling on Western nations to investigate cases of human rights abuse, illegal killings, and war crimes committed by the Ukrainian authorities that came to power after the 2014 coup. Moscow pointed out that many of them were committed by neo-Nazis against Russians or Russian-speaking people. When Russian President Vladimir PutinContinue reading “What Did Putin Mean by ‘Denazification’ of Ukraine and Why is It so Important?”

The C Report #255: Russian Military Operations in Ukraine; U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine; Pentagon (Tax Payer) Backed BioLabs Around the World; Neo-Nazis in Ukraine; The Genocide in South Ossetia

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Putin Addresses Nation on Military Operation in Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin addressed the people of Russia, and the world, on Thursday, February 24, 2022 before commencing with military operations in Ukraine. In his speech, Putin exposes the globalist threat that has influenced the government of Ukraine and used the United States of America as a vessel for its mission. Dear citizens of Russia,Continue reading “Putin Addresses Nation on Military Operation in Ukraine”

The C Report #254: Russia Invades Ukraine; MSM Debunked on Invasion; Neo-Nazis in Ukraine 2014 to Present; Putin Military Operation Not Invasion; Putin’s Speech About Ukraine

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The C Report #252: Ukraine/Russia/Nato: The Deep State Sends in the Rats

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