Articles, documents, and videos sourced for The C Report.

The C Report #373: Danchenko on F.B.I. Payroll; Durham to Debunk Dossier w/ Witness; Ohio Political Elite Attack on Third Party; SOS Candidate Maras Denied Campaign as Independent; Katie Hobbs Won’t Debate Kari Lake; 150 RINOs Turn Up for Wretched Gretchen Whitmer

The C Report #372:Fake News: Trump Will Steal 2024; Zuckerberg STILL Buying Elections; Oversight & Reform Committee Sham Hearing: RINOs Unite; Hank Johnson Still a Waste of Space

The C Report #371:After the ‘Fake’ Electors They Go; Macomb County GOP Denied 2020 Election Decertification by Judge; Michigan Secretary of Snakes Jocelyn Benson Sued as Accountable for Zuckerberg Election Dollars Liaison; 2022 Commonwealth Ba’al Worship

The C Report #370: Many Facets – Remembering 9/11 FF Terrorist Attacks; The Queen, Elizabeth II is Dead; King Charles III Addresses Parliament; Judge Cannon Threatened by Houston, TX Woman; Special Master Order Shows Biden Involvement with Mar-a-Lago Raid

Remembering 9/11 | Archive Footage We Will Never Forget
King Charles III Addresses Parliament
The C Report #368: Otero County Commissioner Griffin Removed from Office; Danchenko Filing Shows FBI Knew Dossier Fake in Jan 2017; Never Before Seen Detroit Election Ballot Trafficking Footage

The C Report #367: Legacy Media Attacks Kristina Karamo & America First Secretary of State Coalition Candidates;

The C Report #366: Election Records Retain!; Hari Hursti Named in New Hampshire Election Lawsuit; John Podesta Returns to White House; Ghislaine’s New Friend; Cambodian Human Trafficking–joking-ghislaine-maxwell-becomes-prison-pals-with-brutal-us-female-killer-1100164346.html

The C Report #365: Battlefront: Lawfare & U.S. Election Integrity; Washington State Counties Sued; Mastriano Sues J6 Committee

The C Report #359:  Lead Durham Prosecutor Leaves Danchenko Trial; R.I.C.O., Trump and the F.B.I. Raid of Mar-a-Lago; Biden Multi-Billion Dollar Chinese Camp for Illegal Children

The C Report #355: Hageman Go Hard; Lizard Cheney Beefed Her Billfold; AG Nessel Threatens Deperno & Karamo Again!

The C Report #354: Soros D.A. Gascon Escapes Recall; 2600 Vote Log Files Vanish in Georgia; Crossfire Hurricane Files Withheld Defiantly

The C Report #353: Herrera-Beutler Primaried by Joe Kent;Murkowski Hopes for Ranked Vote; Pennsylvania Weed Bill Worries Medical Experts

The C Report #349: U.S. Soldier Suicide Report; Durham to Personally Litigate Danchenko Case; Bolsonaro Launches Re-Election Bid; Gays Gather for Kinkfest Even tho Monkeypox

The C Report #345: RNC to Trump: Don’t Run or Else; Legacy Media Goes After Sheriff’s Initiative

The C Report #344: President Trump Sues CNN; More State County GOPs Move to Decertify: South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan; The Betsy DeVos-Trump Michigan Primary Battle; Tudor Dixon Adored by RINOs

The C Report #343: Election Integrity Candidate Tim Ramthun for Wisconsin Governor; Wisconsin Battles to Decertify; Janel Brandtjen on 2020 Decertification; Robin Vos RINO Against Election Integrity

The C Report #342: Trump Russia/Ukraine Fodder; Gabbard & Paul Russianbots; Is Putin Dying???, Not According to CIA; Ukraine Criminalizes Obtaining Russian Passport; Russia Bombs Odessa;

The C Report #341: Tina Peters to Challenge Primary Election Theft, Threatened with Jail Twice Since; RINO Karen Fann Shows Her Face; RINOs of Maricopa County, AZ; Ghislaine Maxwell Move to Florida—Supplementary-Ballot-to-be-Issued-to-Impacted-Voters.html?soid=1114176719624&aid=Ccn6i_SSi2M

The C Report #340: January 6th Unselect Committee Hearing Ep. 8

The C Report #339: Victoria Nuland: War Criminal, Professional Regime Change Operative; Americans #SupportNazisInUkraine; Nuland’s Ukrainian Three Stooges: Klitschko, Tyahnybok, and Yatsenyuk

The C Report #338: Victoria Nuland Alert! From Ukraine to Sri Lanka to Nigeria; Nigerian Ambassador Kechi: Election Interference, Worry About the “United States, E.U. and United Kingdom”
Hard Copy – Interview w/ Victoria Nuland on U.S. Support to Deliver “Credible” Elections
Hard Copy – Interview w/ Ambassador Kechi on Election Interference
The C Report #337: The Age of Exposed RINOs: Pence Stumps for RINO Karrin Robson; Esteemed RINOs New Report of 2020 Election Fraud Omissions; Face the Facts: Kari Lake – America First AZ Governor

The C Report #336: Trump vs. Elon & the Lamestream Press; Panama in Protest; Planned Parenthood in Schools; COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Work; Natural Immunity Better than Boosters; Unvaccinated Innocent

The C Report #335: Russia Special Military Operation Updates; U.N. Report: Ukraine to Blame for Ukrainian Death/Destruction, Still Covers for Nazis; Ukraine Attacks Kherson, Ravages Odessa Region

The C Report #334: Ballot Drop Boxes Banned in Wisconsin; Pennsylvania GOP Show Their RINO\

The C Report #333: Shinzo Abe’s Assassination, A Retrospect on an Adored Leader; Justin Didn’t Kill Himself

The C Report #332: The America First Secretary of State Candidates Episode – Part 3

The C Report #331: The America First Secretary of State Candidates Episode – Part 2

The C Report #330: The America First Secretary of State Candidates Episode – Part 1

The C Report #329: VoterGA Case Tossed; Langlade County, WI Decertify 2020!; Private Election Funding Banned in MI

The C Report #328: Ghislaine Maxwell 20 Years; SCOTUS Enrages Left; Hutchison Flailing;

The C Report #327: Putin Against NWO; Severodonetsk Liberated; Ukraine Bombs Ukraine

The C Report #326: Maricopa GOP Votes to Decertify 2020; Jovan Pulitzer 2020; Election Presentation

The C Report #325: Supreme Court on Guns, Abortions, Religion in Schools; J6 Unselect Committee Debunks!

The C Report #324: What Happened in Otero; Nevada Primary Fraud: Mindy Robinson & People Protest Certifying Election; Lombardo Wins? Gubernatorial Candidate Joey Gilbert Does Not Concede

The C Report #323: Eric Greitens Exploits Rage Against RINOs; Texas GOP Convention: Decertify 2020 Election, Joe Biden Illegitimate, Abortions are Illegal, Get Rid of RINO Cornyn

The C Report #322: Shim Sham Flim Flam January 6 Unselect Committee & It’s Panel of Traitors: Debunking the Lies of Secretary of Snakes Brad Raffensperger & Election Fraudster Wandrea Shea Moss

The C Report #321: President Trump Birthday Edition: Election Integrity Across America

The C Report #320: January 6th Unselect Sham Hearing Pt.2; Special Counsel Gableman Held in Contempt; Kandiss Taylor Fights Back; VoterGa Reveals/Debunks Primary Election Fraud of Kemp & Raffensperger

The C Report #319: Otero County, NM Drops Dominion; Maggie Toulouse-Oliver, the Activist SOS; VoterGA Verifies Possible Fraud in GA; CISA, J. Alex Halderman Confirm Vulnerability of Dominion Machines

The C Report #318: Bolsonaro to Attend Summit of the Americas; Bolsonaro Snubs Biden; Brazil’s Elections – The Legacy Press & Lawmaker Despise Leader; Did Putin Threaten the USA? More Alarmist Prop

The C Report #317: June 7th Primaries; Rachel Hamm, America First Secretary of State Candidate; Fraud in Georgia Primary? 200,000 Votes Vanish from Fulton County Governors’ Race; 8K Duplicate Registrations on NJ Voter Rolls; Benson & Nessel Sued by Barry County Sheriff

The C Report #316: Former Obama Administration Officials Breaks Logan Act; GOP Gun Control – The RINOs are Unmasking; RINO Senator Cornyn (R-TX) Pushes Red Flag Gun Laws; President Obrador Declines Invitation to Summit of the Americas

The C Report #315: True the Vote in AZ; Oz/McCormick Is It Over?; MI GOP Under Attack

The C Report #314: U.S. Escalates War with Russia; Sanctions Cause Famine; Russian Ruble on Top;

The C Report #313: Durham Investigation: Sussman Acquitted; How to Stack a Jury

The C Report #312: Memorial Day – Honoring & Dishonoring; Uvalde Details Mix;

The C Report #311: WEF 2022: Cashless Society, Digital Control, Re-Education Camps & More

The C Report #310: 2A Focus: Gun Control, Domestic Terrorism Bill; Armed Teachers; Elon Gun Grabber

The C Report #279: Georgia DEMOCRATS Implicated in BALLOT TRAFFICKING
Election Shenanigans

Barr & Election Fraud

Georgia Election Fraud

The C Report #278: Joe Biden PROFITED from Hunter; Fred Upton OUT!; Clinton Campaign & DNC PAYS FEC; Trump Seeks to Remove Middlebrooks; Durham Motions Additional Evidence in Sussman Case
Fred Upton Out

Joe Biden Benefitted From Hunter

Clinton/DNC Pays FEC

Trump & Clinton Appointed Judge

Durham Investigation

The C Report #277: Ghislaine Maxwell Update; Truth Social Loses Two Tech Execs; RINO Boozman & RINO Johnson; Wisconsin Moves to Decertify & Remove Vos; Federal Legalization of Weed
Truth Social

Senator Boozman – RINO

Wisconsin Calls for Decertification

Ghislaine Maxwell Update

Federal Marijuana Decriminalization

The C Report #276: Neo Nazi’s In Ukraine – DON’T LET MSM GET AWAY WITH LIES!
Nazis, Azov Battalion, Kill Ukrainians

The C Report #275: Madison Cawthorn & GOP Coke Orgies; Mark Brnovich, RINO!; Special Master Shadegg & Lame Maricopa County Splunklog Report; Another Election Audit Report; No More Masks on Planes!
Cawthorn & GOP Coke Fueled Orgies

J6 Nothingburger: WH Call Logs

Get These GD Masks of the GD Planes!

Maricopa County Splunklog Report Flop

Brnovich vs. Hobbs

Is Brnovich a RINO?

A Peer Reviewed 2020 Election Fraud Report

The C Report #274: Zelensky Thirst; Putin Says NO to NWO; Michelle Bachman on Ukraine; Oliver Stone on Putin
Zelenksy Thirst

Biden Regime Weakens America

Putin Says No to New World Order

The C Report #273: Declassified: PATCON; Constitutional Carry On the Rise; Empathy for Kentanji Brown Jackson
PATCON – FBI Right Wing Infiltration

Constitutional Carry

Kentanji Brown Jackson

The C Report #272: President Trump Sues Hillary Clinton, et al; True the Vote Reveals Ballot Trafficking in Wisconsin; The Sarah Lawrence College Sex Trafficking Trial
Trump Sues Clinton – RICO

True the Vote Hits Wisconsin

Raffensperger Moves Forward with Ballot Trafficking Investigation

John Durham Investigation

Republicans Want Hunter Biden Evidence Preserved

Larry Ray Human Trafficking Trial

The C Report #271: Albright Dead; Maricopa County Knew About Fraud; Nebraska Election Fraud Hearing; Who is Maria Zack?; ItalyGate Surfaces
Madeline Albright Involved in Human Trafficking?

Maricopa County Aware of Election Fraud

Kansas 2020 Election Fraud

The C Report #270: Tina Peters’ Final Colorado 2020 Election Report; Kentanji Brown Jackson, Lenient on Child Pornography Offenders, Supported by Radicals; Trump on Varney and Company
Tina Peters – Colorado Election Report #3

USEIP Colorado Election Canvas

Kentanji Brown Jackson

The C Report #269: RINO Robin Vos Declines Wisconsin Decertification; Maricopa County Defies AG Brnovich; Finchem’s Resolution to Derctify; Halderman Dominion Report; Toresays Dominion Affidavit
Wisconsin Decertification

Arizona Dercitification

Halderman Dominion Voting System Report

Toresays Dominion Lawsuit & Affidavit

The C Report #268: Russia Sanctions America; Wendy Rogers Censured!; Arizona Senate Republicans in Disarray!; Kelly Townsend Runs Against Wendy Rogers!; COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Scandal Returns, NY
Russia Sanctions

Wendy Rogers / Kelly Townsend

Cuomo & COVID 19 Nursing Home Death Scandal

The C Report #267: Zelensky Exposed!; Durham Investigates DNC Hack!; True The Vote in Wisconsin! PA Election Audit Slow Moving; Jena Griswold Broke the Law; 2020 Election Audit in New Mexico
Soros, Kolomoysky, & Zelensky

Prince Andrew

Durham & DNC Hack

Pennsylvania Election Investigation

True the Vote Wisconsin

Mesa County / Tina Peters Federal Election Crimes Report

New Mexico 2020 Election Audit

The C Report #266: US/Ukraine Violate Bioweapons Convention; Obama Makes Deal for Ukraine Biolabs as Senator; FOG OF WAR: False Flags, Lies & Propaganda; Russia Destroys Nazi Bases; Trump & NELK Boys
Russia Finds Biological Weapons—mod-1093850499.html

The C Report #265: Trump Puts Spotlight on RINO Robin Vos; Tina Peters Releases Forensic Election Report & JAILED!; VOTERGA Reveals Election Fraud PROOF! AZ GOP Sues Katie Hobbs; Dr. Shiva New Report
RINO Robin Vos & Wisconsin

Tina Peters

Voter GA

Arizona Election Integrity

Election Fraud

Trump Emergency Landing

The C Report #264: COVID-19 Relief Fund Fraud: Unions Cash-In Illegally; COVID-19 Home Test Kits Toxic; Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy Negative for Young; COVID-19 Vaccines Turn Into DNA; Freedom Med Opens

The C Report #263: Clinton Crime Family Returns; Durham: Don’t Dismiss Sussman Charges; Stop Buying Russian Oil, only if EU Does; Will Buy Venezuelan Oil; More MSM Russian Propaganda
Durham Investogation

Clinton Global Initiative

Russia/Ukraine Related

The C Report #262: Obrador Won’t Sanction Russia; Military Priority: Gender Training; Madigan Indicted; Devon Archer Goes to Jail; Katie Hobbs Can’t Beat Brnovich
Russia in Perspective

Pentagon Gender Training

Devon Archer

Michael Madigan

SOS Katie Hobbs vs AG Brnovich

The C Report #261: Maxwell Update; Giuffre Settles w/ Prince Andrew; Brunel Dead; Gates in Trouble
Ghislaine Maxwell Trial/Sentencing Updates

Prince Andrew/Virginia Guiffre Settlement

Jean Luc Brunel & Ghislaine

The C Report #260: Interfax Biden Ukraine Press Conference Fake News, But Not
Ukraine Biden Press Conference Fake News

Wisconsin Decertification & Gableman Report (VOS RECAP)

Who is Kentanji Brown Jackson?

The C Report #259: Trump DAs Quit; Gableman Report; Trump & Deperno; Ketanji Brown, Activist Judge
Russia: Anonymous Returns & America’s Oil Purchases

Trump News: DA’s Resign, New Prosecutor

Trump & Matt Deperno

More News

The C Report #258: Wisconsin Election Investigation Hearing
The Gableman Report

Office of Special Counsel – Second Interim Report

Watch the Wisconsin Campaign & Elections Committee Hearing

The C Report #257: Russia/Ukraine, Another View; Soros To Save Ukraine?; Zelenksy a Russian Target?
Russia Ukraine–pave-way-for-alternative-payment-systems-1093424581.html

More Nazis in Ukraine

Soros to Ukraine’s Defense

Wagner Group

The C Report #256: President Trump at CPAC 2022 (LIVE)

The C Report #255: Russian Military Operations in Ukraine; U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine; Pentagon (Tax Payer) Backed BioLabs Around the World; Neo-Nazis in Ukraine; The Genocide in South Ossetia
Ukraine Russia Conflict

Ukraine Neo-Nazis

Biolabs in Ukraine

The South Ossetia Genocide / Georgia “Invasion”

The C Report #254: Russia Invades Ukraine; MSM Debunked on Invasion; Neo-Nazis in Ukraine 2014 to Present; Putin Military Operation Not Invasion; Putin’s Speech About Ukraine
Ukraine, Russia Perspective


Ukraine Neo-Nazis

USA Buying Russian Oil

Putin Speech: Military Operation in Ukraine

The C Report #253: Winsome Sears and Alveda King on AFPI; The New Virginian Government: Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, and AG Jason Miyares
Winsome Sears

Jason Miyares

Glenn Youngkin

The C Report #252: Ukraine/Russia/Nato: The Deep State Sends in the Rats
Ukraine Russia

Ukraine Neo-Nazis

Victoria Nuland & Deep State Rats

The C Report #251: Texas Power Grid Down: What Happened; Abbott and Energy Cronies Cost Texas Lives; Beto O’Rourke Will Take Guns, Jobs, and Turn Out the Lights

The C Report #250: Tina Peters Runs for Secretary of State; Sussman Wants Case Dismissed; Marc Elias Works for BLM; Katie Hobbs, the Karen SOS of AZ; Jena Griswold, the SOS Terror of Colorado
Durham Clinton Biden


Jena Griswold & Tina Peters

The C Report #249: Hillary Clinton Responds to Durham; Peter Thiel Backs Hageman; Project Veritas Exposes FDA COVID-19 Vaccine Plans; Archbishop Vigano Stands Against Big Pharma & Oligarchs

The C Report #248: The Durham Investigation: President Trump Spied On; IG Horowitz Under Fire; Sussman Involved in Spying; Marc Elias Grand Jury Testimony; Jake Sullivan Implicated; Clinton & DNC?
Durham Investigation

The C Report #247: What is QUX? Did QNX COVID-19 Ventilators Kill Patients?; NATO/Deep State Continue War Cry; Ghislaine Maxwell Wants Verdict Vacated; Maxwell Prince Andrews Girlfriend?
Ghislaine Maxwell


QNX Operating System, Blackberry, Medical Equipment

The C Report #246: NARA Trump Drama; Kari Lake Takes on 60 Minutes; Katie Arrington is Back; Elise Stefanik, for the Record
Trump & the NARA

Katie Arrington

Elise Stefanik

The C Report #245: Trump w/ Kash Patel; PILF vs. Louisiana SOS Ardoin; China & American IV League
President Trump with Kash Patel

Louisiana & Election Registration Information Center

CCP Universities, RINOs, & mRNA Vaccines

The C Report #244: Trust but Verify: Vernon Jones; Brad Raffensperger Ballot Harvesting & Lies
DHS Terrorism Advisory Update

Georgia Ballot Harvesting

Vernon Jones–regional-govt–politics/all-about-vernon-jones/zSjWgmBugmCDjOwzJPEKbK/

The C Report #243: Revisiting the Electoral Count Act; Joe Rogan Censored Himself
NewsMask Countersues Smartmatic

Joe Rogan Censors Himself

Electoral College Count Act

Traitor, Mike Pence

The C Report #242: Uncovering E.R.I.C. The Nat’l. Voter Registration Trojan Horse
The Election Registration Information Center

The C Report #241: Texas’ Sham Forensic Audit; South Carolina Election Canvas; Deep State NATO FF Planned; NH Election Audit Round 2
Windham, New Hampshire Audit

North Carolina Election Fraud

South Carolina Election Canvas

Texas Sham Forensic Audit

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